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Massimiliano Vurro

Obstacles to progress artificial intelligence

Machines need to learn/understand how the world works 

  • Physical world, digital world, people…
  • They need to acquire some level of common sense

Machines need to learn a very large amount of background knowledge

  • Through observation and action

Machines need to perceive the state of the word

  •  So as to make accurate predictions and planning

Machines need to update and remember estimates of the state of the world

  • Paying attention to important events. Remember relevant events

Machines need to reason and plan

  • Predict which sequence of actions will lead to a desired state of the world

Intelligence and common sense = Perception + Predictive Model + Memory + Reasoning and Planning

What’s concerning though, is just how much of our lives we’re on the verge of handing over to artificial intelligence. With today’s deep learning algorithms, the ‘training’ of this AI is often as much a product of our collective hive mind as it is programming. Artificial intelligence, in fact, is using our collective thoughts to train the next generation of automation technologies. All the while, it’s picking up our biases and making them more visible than ever.